What is the difference between an Exercise Physiologist and a Physio?

As health and wellness continue to be of utmost importance in our society,  professions that specialise in these areas also gain prominence. Two such professions are Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists.  Although the two may seem similar in practice, there are distinct differences between them.

What is Exercise Physiologist Perth

Firstly, Exercise Physiologists Perth specialise in Exercise Science, Physiology, and Human Movement.  They focus on creating customised exercise programs for individuals with chronic diseases or conditions that may benefit from prescribed physical activity.  An Exercise Physiologist may work with patients who have heart disease, obesity, diabetes, pulmonary disease, and other chronic conditions that impact their health.  They may also work alongside medical professionals like GPs and Physiotherapist.

What is Physiotherapy Perth

On the other hand, Physiotherapists specialise in the management of musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiovascular conditions through movement, exercise, and manual therapies.  They diagnose and treat injuries and disabilities caused by conditions like spinal cord injuries, stroke, arthritis, and ports injuries.  Physiotherapists work with their clients to develop personalized rehabilitation plans that consider each patient’s specific needs, level of injury, and functional goals.  They also work to prevent future injuries by teaching clients about proper body mechanics.

In summary, exercise physiologists and physiotherapists may seem similar in their areas of expertise, but they have different specialties and work settings.

Whether you are seeking to improve your quality of life through regular exercise or recover from an injury, both Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists can help you achieve your goals in unique and meaningful ways.

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