What is WorkCover Physiotherapy?

WorkCover physiotherapy services may be available to workers who have sustained a workplace injury.  At Trained Physio and Fitness, we help many patients involved in workplace accidents, helping them through all stages of their rehabilitation.

Our Physiotherapists and admin staff are familiar with the procedures of Workers’ Compensation injuries in Western Australia.  Our experienced Physios are trained to accurately assess Workers’ Compensation injuries and provide individualized Treatment Management Plans for every patient, backed by evidence-based practices.

We understand it can be extremely difficult for anyone who has experienced a workplace injury, is in pain or has functional limitations as a result of an accident.  At Trained Physio and Fitness, we have an onsite rehabilitation facility dedicated to any patients who require exercise-based programs as part of their rehabilitation process.

What do I need before my Workcover Physiotherapy consultation?

  1. Review from a Medical Professional
  2. Referral for Physiotherapy from your GP
  3. Claim Acceptance letter from your relevant insuring company
  4. Approved Claim Number
  5. Case Managers full name and contact details including phone number and email
  6. Any other medical documentation associated with your injury including reports, scans, MRI results etc.

Workcover Physiotherapy FAQs

If you get physically injured during work, you can attend physiotherapy appointments for treatment of your workplace injury without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses – provided that the provider charges according to the scheduled workers’ compensation fees.

Here at Trained Physio and Fitness in East Perth, you can rest assured that a number of your physio appointments will be fully covered by WorkCover insurance.

A skilled physiotherapist can play a key role in assessing and diagnosing your workplace injury and prescribing optimum treatment that will help you return to work.  At our Perth Physiotherapy practice, we take your work-related injury as seriously as you do and we’ll work hard to support your full recovery.

Note that payment for physiotherapy services is required until your WorkCover claim has been approved.

There’s no difference between WorkCover physio and ‘regular’ physio.  In both instances, the physiotherapist’s goal is to provide effective treatment which will enable the patient to recover strongly.

Rest assured that if you come to Trained Physio & Fitness for help with your WorkCover physiotherapy in Perth, we will treat you with the same high level of care, skill and patience that have earned us a reputation as one of the best physios in Perth.  Our aim is to help you regain the range of motion, mobility, strength and endurance that you require to get back to work.

According to the WA Government website, you are entitled to make a claim if you sustain an injury in the course of your employment and are defined by law as a worker.

Examples of injuries covered under WorkCover which can be treated by a physiotherapist include physical injuries from falls, slips and trips, joint sprains, repetitive strain injuries (eg shoulder and wrist from typing or manual labour), trauma and body stress from heavy lifting.

Your workplace will help you make a claim for workers’ compensation and advise you on how to get a First Certificate of Capacity from a doctor.  They will set up your claim.  Your employer will need to complete their section of the Claim Form and lodge both documents with their insurer.  You will be notified by the insurer within 14 days of receipt of the completed form whether your claim has been accepted, is in dispute or is pending.

You will need to see a doctor to get the First Certificate of Capacity before attending your first physiotherapy appointment.  At your initial consultation with us, we will need this original certificate, plus all the details of your claim including the WorkCover claim number, the case manager, contact details, details of the insurer, your employer details, the date of your injury etc.

You have to first see a GP to get a Certificate of Capacity and for them to set up your WorkCover claim before you see a physiotherapist. You will need to bring this original certificate to your first appointment with a physiotherapist.

When you see a medical practitioner following your workplace injury, they will initiate your claim and complete the First Certificate of Capacity.  This is essentially a medical certificate detailing your injury and how it relates to your ability to do your job.  Once your claim has been approved by the insurer and the treatment has been agreed, you can then start physiotherapy under a WorkCover claim.

Yes – all qualified physiotherapists are recognised by WorkCover WA. That said, it can be worth your while seeking out a physiotherapy practice which is familiar with the protocols and procedures of Workers’ Compensation injuries.

Once you have provided all the required documentation and details of your claim to the physiotherapy practice (including the First Certificate of Capacity, WorkCover claim number, insurer details etc) and all those details are correct, the practice should be able to invoice the insurer directly for you.

The number of sessions covered by your insurer varies from state to state in Australia, but you should find that at least five bulk-billed appointments are covered initially.  Should you need further or ongoing treatment for your rehabilitation, your physiotherapist will submit paperwork to your insurer which sets out the details the required ongoing treatment. This will need to be approved by your insurer in order for the costs to be covered.

You will need to discuss the details of your particular circumstances with your WorkCover insurance provider.


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Need more information?

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The WorkCover WA website provides all the relevant information on what to do if you have an injury: www.workcover.wa.gov.au

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