DVA Physiotherapy Perth

If you are a current or former serving member of the Australian Defence Force, you may be eligible for pensions or benefits from the DVA.

Trained Physio and Fitness, is a registered as a DVA healthcare provider to provide DVA Physiotherapy services to those holding a DVA Gold or White Card.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs will cover the entire cost of your Physiotherapy consultation, providing you are eligible and have a referral from your General Practitioner (GP).

Our highly experienced, skilled and caring DVA physiotherapists can help with treating your injuries, reducing pain, assisting with your rehabilitation and improving and restoring your mobility.  We also understand the ageing process and offer a number of hands-on techniques and treatments to help alleviate musculoskeletal pain and discomfort.

Some of the conditions that Trained Physio and Fitness in Perth can help veterans with include:

  • Musculoskeletal pain including neck, back and shoulder pain or tension
  • Chronic health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease
  • Pre and post-surgical care and rehabilitation

Come to us for your DVA physiotherapy in Perth and you’ll experience an overall improvement in your health and wellbeing.

What do I need before my DVA Physio consultation?

  1. Referral for Physiotherapy from your GP
  2. Gold or White Card
  3. Any other medical documentation associated with your injury including reports, scans, MRI results etc.

DVA Physio Treatment FAQ's

Physiotherapy is often called ‘medicine by movement’ and if you’re a veteran and have an injury or condition that impacts your musculoskeletal system and which causes pain and compromises your mobility, physio can help.

According to the Australian Government Department of Veterans’ Affairs website, DVA physiotherapy covers:

  • exercise programmes to improve movement and control
  • airway clearance techniques that help to decrease lung infections and improve lung function
  • soft tissue massage to improve range of motion, joint flexibility and relieve pain
  • dry needling that can provide pain relief and restore movement
  • water therapy conducted in a heated pool
  • aids and appliances

You first need to ascertain whether you qualify for DVA physiotherapy services.  You will require an assessed clinical need and need either a Veteran Gold Card or a Veteran White Card (in which case your treatment needs to be for an accepted service-related condition).

Yes. You can get a referral from a number of health professionals including your GP, a medical specialist, the treating doctor in hospital and the hospital discharge planner.

A physio needs to be registered through the Department of Human Services in order to provide DVA physiotherapy.  This requires them to have an agreement to treat DVA cardholders through special payment arrangements.  Trained Physio and Fitness in Perth is a registered DVA physio provider and is widely experienced in serving the veteran community.

When you visit us for DVA Physiotherapy in Perth, you will need to bring your:

  • referral from your GP or other medical professional
  • Gold or White Card
  • Any other medical documentation associated with your injury including reports, scans, X-rays and MRI results

When you first contact us to make your booking, please could you notify our team that you are accessing DVA physio services.

Yes (provided you are eligible and have a valid referral).

Generally speaking, there aren’t any restrictions on the number of sessions you can have (unless you have a Totally and Permanent Incapacitated (TPI) Gold Card), but it is always worthwhile confirming your particular situation with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Referrals for DVA physiotherapy last for up to 12 sessions or for one year (whichever ends first), and there’s no limit to the number of treatment cycles you can have.  It’s also worth noting that you can have a separate treatment cycle for each allied health service that you need and these can run concurrently.  For example, you may need exercise physiology which we also offer at Trained Physio And Fitness, but you will need a valid referral from a doctor.

Yes. As mentioned in the previous answer, DVA Physiotherapy can involve treatment from other allied health professionals including exercise physiologists.

Absolutely! Physio is a highly successful treatment for pain management and relief as well as for improving functional movement and mobility.

According to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, an ‘accepted condition’ means an injury or disease that has been determined under the Veterans’ Entitlement Act (VEA) to be war-caused or defence-caused.  We recommend that you contact the DVA directly for up-to-date information which relates specifically to your circumstances.


Are you a veteran and been told by your doctor that you need to see a physio?  We can help.

We’re trusted experts in DVA physio Perth and have extensive experience managing all injuries and conditions relating to the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Don’t delay.  Make an appointment by phoning 08 9325 7602 now and get started on your journey to better health and wellbeing.

Need more information on DVA Physiotherapy?

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