What is Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or Chronic Disease Management (CDM)

A Chronic Disease Management program is a way for your General Practitioners (GP) to assist in the management of the health and well-being of patients with chronic or terminal conditions.  This is classified as a medical condition that has been or will be present for a minimum of 6 months.

Patients may be eligible for Medicare rebates for Physiotherapy through the GPs referral.

What do I need before my Physio consultation?

  1. Approved EPC Referral Care Plan
  2. Referral for Physiotherapy from your GP
  3. Approved Claim Number
  4. Medicare card
  5. Bank card to pay for the small gap fee
  6. Any other medical documentation associated with your injury including reports, scans, MRI results etc.

Need more information?

If you are unsure of what steps to take or need more information, please call our friendly staff on 08 9325 7602.

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