Weight Training with a History of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions we treat as Physiotherapists on a daily basis.  Weight training and lower back pain in the same sentence can leave some a little nervous after sustaining such an injury, however isn’t it ironic that weight training is vital for anyone with a history of lower back pain?

It is imperative after sustaining a lower back injury to consult with your qualified physiotherapists right away! There is no need for a doctor’s referral, we are your first point of call conveniently located in East Perth.  Following your thorough examination your physiotherapists is able to uncover the cause of your lower back pain and educate you on the best course of action from here on in.  Unless absolutely necessary – where we have red flags indicating that an MRI is required, we will rarely refer off from MRI imaging.


Pain Science

Most lower back pain injuries (which are non-traumatic) have occurred due to overload or repetitive actions with poor posture or technique.  It can be as simple as bending over while doing the gardening or deadlifting incorrectly in the gym.  Education is vital when attempting to re-train a movement pattern to overcome lower back pain.

Weight Training and Lower Back Pain

Research has found that back pain sufferers who participate in weight training see a decrease in pain symptoms compared to those who avoid weight training or stick to a cardio based exercise program.  Weight training in rehabilitation demonstrates greater effectiveness than aerobic, mobilisation or pilates training ever will.  How can you load your spine when you are laying on your back on a reformer?  How can you progressively overload when you are restricted to a reformer with springs?  This is when weight training can commence as your next phase of rehabilitation.

Build a Strong Spine

Your core is what provides the spine with support, therefore we need to strengthen your core to create spinal stiffness which won’t overload your lower back, especially in the early acute phase.  Australia’s leading lower back expert Dr Andrew Lock demonstrated his fail-safe exercises when he came to visit us last year:

1.     Modified curl up

2.     Side plank

3.     Bird Dog

Each exercise is to be performed before each training session to activate your core and for anyone with a history of lower back pain these 3 exercises can be performed daily.

In Conclusion

The worst thing you could do for your lower back pain is nothing.  Build strength, load the spine correctly, build a strong core and move, just move! “Change happens through movement and movement heals”.  And remember – Free weight resistance training is an effective tool in rehabilitating patients with chronic low back pain.

Let us help you build a better core, stronger back and educate you on how to move correctly so your lower back pain doesn’t return.  CLICK HERE TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY!

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