Lateral Ankle Sprain

Lateral Ankle Sprains

Lateral ankle sprain injury is the most common musculoskeletal lower limb injury experienced in people who participate in sports and recreational physical activities.  Following the initial injury, a high portion of individuals can develop long-term associated symptoms as well as chronic ankle instability if their injury is not assessed by a qualified Physiotherapist at an acute phase.

Ankle Sprain Symptoms

Ankle sprains is a tear in the ligaments of the ankle.  They occur simply by rolling your ankle on uneven ground or unbalanced landings from a jump or sudden change in direction.

A prior history of ankle rolling is a key indicator of potential re-injury.  Other symptoms may include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness on Palpation
  • Abnormal gait (walking with a limp)

Diagnosis and Treatment

Our qualified Physiotherapist have a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of ankle sprains.  A thorough clinical examination will determine the extent of the injury and if required you may be referred for an x-ray to ensure no fractures have occurred.

Unfortunately a sprained ankle can increase your risk of re-injury as much as 40-70%, however the correct post-injury rehabilitation exercises can drastically reduce your risk.

Depending on the severity and swelling your Physiotherapist may need to provide compression to the ankle via specific taping, use manual therapy to reduce swelling and begin a series of exercises to restore your ankle’s range of motion, strength, flexibility and stability.

Following Your Consultation

Following an Initial Consultation after an Ankle sprains, your Physiotherapist will guide you through a full rehabilitation program within our equiped rehab facility.  It is very important to discuss your sporting goals after an ankle injury with your Physiotherapist so they can program a time effective and safe return to sport.

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