Shoulder Pain Injury – Rotator Cuff

As Physiotherapist’s we come across many Rotator Cuff shoulder injuries which are so badly degenerated all the way to the bone, caused by repetitive overhead motion over a long period of time.  This is why we like to call a Rotator Cuff injury the “Construction Workers Injury”.  Why?  Because Rotator Cuff injuries are extremely common with labour based construction workers. Eg: Plasterers, painters and ceiling fixers.

Causes of Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator Cuff injuries can be the result of a sudden high impact injury to the shoulder or due to progressive degeneration or “wear and tear” of the tendon.  Recurring overhead activity and heavy lifting can develop bone spurs.  Bone spurs form where bones meet each other, and are caused from joint damage.

Why you need to see a Physio

Without treatment a Rotator Cuff injury can lead to permanent stiffness or weakness and may result in degeneration of the shoulder joint.  This is something you do not want!  Keeping your shoulder immobilized may seem like the best option, however prolonged inactivity can cause connective tissue to enclose around the joint and become thickened causing a “Frozen Shoulder”.

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Strengthening your Rotator Cuff

This involves exercises which can be performed under the supervision of a Qualified Physiotherapist.  Many people will recover from a Rotator Cuff injury through Physiotherapy rehabilitation.  This will include improving flexibility and strength of the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint with specific exercises prescribed by your Physiotherapist, these may include:

  1. Standing or side lye Dumbbell external rotation (isometric, concentric + eccentric phases)
  2. Machine Seated row (focusing on correct scapular positioning)
  3. Standing band shoulder retractions (focusing on correct scapular positioning)

Recover with Physiotherapy

Do you suffer with shoulder pain? Does the pain keep you up at night? Why not let one of our Physio’s at Trained Physio & Fitness HELP YOU! Our Physiotherapists will deign and guide you through a comprehensive rehab program within our fully functional rehab facility all under the one roof! BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY and get back to living PAIN FREE!