Osteitis Pubis Symptoms

Osteitis pubis is a common condition that we treat at Trained Physio & Fitness in East Perth.  Our Trained Physio’s see athletes who play sports that involve kicking, twisting, pivoting and change of direction.  Osteitis pubis is a common injury in sports such as soccer, AFL, rugby and netball.

Osteitis Pubis Diagnosis

Osteitis pubis (OP) is an inflammatory condition involving the pubic symphysis and surrounding soft tissue.  It usually occurs due to chronic overuse, with some studies showing a muscle imbalance between the abdominal and hip adductor muscles and poor single leg stabilisation as key factors. 

Osteitis Pubis Symptoms

  1. Groin pain that may or may not be directly over the pubic symphysis 
  2. Pain in the lower abdominals, adductors or inguinal areas
  3. Pain increase with running, change of direction and/or resisted hip adduction or flexion and/or abdominal activation 

Return to Sport

Our experienced Physio’s are well versed in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of osteitis pubis.  Our end goal is to have you returning to sport at fast as possible.

With correct management osteitis publis is a self limiting condition, meaning recovery is promising.  However, this takes a careful balance of rest, loading, exercise rehab and mobility. 

Osteitis Pubis Treatment

A treatment pathway will generally follow the below structure, but as always, will vary depending on the individual:

Stage 1: Pain control and improving lumbopelvic stability

Stage 2: Strengthening of the abdominal, gluteal and pelvic muscles 

Stage 3: Global strengthening, reintroduction of running, change of direction and kicking.

Stage 4: Return to sport

Most athletes will return to pre-injury level within 3 months (can be anywhere from 4-14 weeks), but a complete treatment plan may take 6 to 14 months). The aim of this is to guide the athlete from injury rehab to re-injury prevention

How Trained Physio Can Help!


  • Address muscular imbalances and weaknesses
  • Teach correct, safe movement patterns
  • Load and training management

East Perth Trained Physio

Did you know at Trained Physio we have a fully equipped rehabilitation facility?  Check out the details here.  Physiotherapy has several goals including promote healing, reduce pain, avoiding aggravation, optimising physical function and global strengthening to restore normal movement patterns.  To see how I can help you BOOK ONLINE TODAY

Written by: Olivia Strelein

BSc. Physiotherapy (Honours)
BSc. Exercise and Sport Science
Personal Trainer