Our New Chapter – Trained Physio & Fitness

Our New Chapter

As you are aware, Cameron and I recently took a massive leap opening a new Physiotherapy Clinic in East Perth combined with a Rehabilitation Centre and 24/7 Gym.  This was a HUGE jump for us branching out on such a large scale.  With months and months of planning, negotiations, ideas falling through, hiccups and questioning ourselves at every turn, we finally found our perfect new home! A place we could call our own.

The Re-Brand

Before we contemplated the expansion I was always in two minds about our business name BodyBuilt Physiotherapy. The decision to move to a new location provided the perfect opportunity to re-brand. It allowed us to create something fresh and unique, yet still remain true to our passion, and that is how Trained Physio & Fitness came about.

Our Dream

We had a vision:  what if we could treat a patient for Physio, assess their injury, and provide in-house rehabilitation in our very own gym specific to Physiotherapy rehabilitation?  What if we could educate our patients on the ongoing benefits of physical activity? What if we could have this person feeling even better than when they first walked through our doors? What if we could create something that is so unique it would be impossible to find elsewhere in Perth? We had a vision and we knew exactly how to execute it!

Linda’s Story

Most of you know Cameron, but many people know very little about me! So let me take this time to introduce myself. Hi! my name is Linda and I am Cameron’s wife.  We have been married for a little over 5 years and before having our baby Novak, I worked in the Construction Industry for 10 years; I worked on multimillion-dollar fit-outs and commercial construction as a Contract Administrator.  Dealing with clients, Architects, Engineers & Sub-Contractors was the day to day routine and I enjoyed my career immensely.  Fit-out is fast paced and highly stressful, however I thrived in the environment of being in charge and under pressure all the time.  With such a background, our dream to create a new business was supposedly meant to be a “walk in the park for me”.  It was a small fit-out in comparison to what I have previously worked on. However, I quickly learnt that working with other peoples’ time and money was A LOT easier than working with my own.  We engaged the help of a friend of mine Phil Italiano from iBuild WA to assist in the day to day Supervising of the Project.  This was a decision Cameron and I both made that in order for me to run our household, take care of our baby, run our existing business and also be on the backend setting up our new business help was needed.  It sure took every ounce of blood sweat and tears to pull it off but we all did and I am so proud of the finished product.  Everything I envisioned was created: clean white walls, spacious treatment rooms and a modern yet sophisticated reception where as soon as you walk in our core philosophy would read loud and clear “Change happens through movement & movement heals”.  

Trained Physio & Fitness

At Trained Physio & Fitness We pride ourselves on our extended consultation times that ensure you receive both comprehensive Physio assessment and hands on treatment so you never feel rushed. Our goal is for you to never walk away feeling you did not achieve something from your session with us.

Our brand new facility on Brown Street in East Perth has everything your standard 24/7 Gym provides plus more!  We welcome all fitness levels, ages and abilities at Trained Physio & Fitness.  As this facility is used to rehabilitate clients, we offer specific equipment that provides less risk of injury or is functional to use for rehabilitation purposes.  These include a curved deck treadmill that reduces impact on the knee joint and increases activation of the posterior chain; our gluteal kick back machine moves in the correct biomechanics to optimise natural hip extension.  These are just two examples of the rehabilitation equipment at Trained Physio & Fitness.  We also have a capped membership to provide a more exclusive and private environment for all our members.  We have secured the services of 3 personal trainers who work alongside our Physiotherapists ensuing clients are training to the very best of their ability and injury free!


With the last of our equipment arriving this week just in time for our GYM OPEN DAY on Saturday 24th Feb why not come and check it out for yourself?  We have a FREE group training session at 8am with our PT’s and FREE 20min Physio consults running every 20min with our Physio Vanessa between 9am & 12pm.  We have also FREE homemade cold press juices, FREE Naturopath consults, InBody scanners, Raw Treats & Cold Brew Coffee!  It will be a fantastic morning filled with Food, Fun & Endorphins!

We did it our way!

We will continue to shape and improve the service and facility we provide our clients and members. As a team, we have never worked so hard in our life, but at the same time have never been so happy!! We can say with sincerity that “when you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life!”


Builder – iBuild WA click the link to check out some of their amazing work!