Growing Pains – Can Physio Help?

What are growing pains?

Throughout periods of rapid growth or increased physical activity your child may experience symptoms of pain and discomfort.  Generally the underlying cause of the pain is muscular, as bone develops and grows faster then muscle, the muscle is placed under increased tension causing your child to experience short bursts of pain.

What are the Symptoms of Growing Pains?

Growing pains can very in presentation; usually between the ages of 8-12 yrs old your child can experience sporadic episodes.  However, usually during periods of rapid growth in conjunction with an increase of physical activity the symptoms can increase.

These may include:

1.     Shin splints

2.     Pain located below the knee cap or behind the knee

3.     Abdominal pain

4.     Pain during physical activity

5.     Calve pain

6.     Pain at the front of the thigh

How does a Physio treat and assess for growing pains?

Our Physio’s will assess for muscular imbalances, flexibility, and strength of the surrounding structures.  You’r child’s posture and biomechanics will also come into play when identifying elements that will contribute to the symptoms.   When your physiotherapist has diagnosed growing pains, a specific and individual treatment approach will be used to reduce the pain and improve muscle flexibility.  Mobilisation of stiff joints may be required to increase flexibility and lengthen tight muscles, as well as soft tissue work (manual therapy).

Should my Child Stop Playing Sport Due to Growing Pains?

Depending on severity of the pain, your child can continue with their usual day to day activities including all sports as long as it does not aggravate or increase the symptoms.

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