Get the Best Out of Your Physio Appointment

At Trained Physio East Perth, all of our Physiotherapists want to help you to have the best Physio outcome from every appointment.  Our Trained Physio’s will help to diagnose and treat your pain and injuries while assisting with any movement restrictions you may have.

Here is what you can do to help us prepare for your Physiotherapy appointment:

  • Provide specific injury details for your Physio’s reference so they can prepare for the appointment before you come in.
  • Bring any reports or scans that you have which may be relevant to your injury.
  • Think about what questions you want answered during your Physio appointment.
  • Make sure you are crystal clear about what you want out of your Physio appointment – Be very specific. Instead of ‘I just want to feel better’ – how about ‘I want my lower back yo be pain-free in-time for my upcoming powerlifting competition’.
  • If there is anything that you have not understood, ask us to clarify and explain it again.  It is essential we are all on the same page and that you understand the diagnosis and treatment management plan to ensure you get the best out of each Physio appointment.
  • Ensure you tell your treating Physio what medications that you are currently taking – some may be significant to your Physio treatment, whereas others won’t be.  Your Physio will identify the important ones from a list.
  • Schedule your follow up appointments as prescribed by your Physiotherapist in your Treatment Management Plan – this is your “script”.  For example when you go to the Doctors, you walk out with a Diagnosis and Treatment Method being your “script” for medication.  Our “script” is our Treatment Management Plan.  This will ensure you get the best out of your Physiotherapy appointments and book times and days that are convenient for you and your lifestyle.

What you can expect from Trained Physio:

  1. Thorough assessment and treatment of your injury
  2. Assessment into why the injury occurred in the first place, and what can be done to keep you injury-free
  3. Manual therapy, dry needling and other treatment-specific techniques as needed
  4. Training modifications to keep you as active as possible whilst undergoing rehab (if necessary)
  5. Use of our fully equipped rehabilitation facility for exercise rehab
  6. Comprehensive exercise rehab from the date of your injury, through to your return to full activity

East Perth Trained Physio

East Perth Physio has several goals including promote healing, reduce pain, avoiding aggravation, optimising physical function and global strengthening to restore normal movement patterns.  To see how we can help you  BOOK ONLINE TODAY