Frozen Shoulder Treatment

At Trained Physio Perth we see and treat all kinds of shoulder injuries.  One of the most common presentations is a stiff and painful shoulder or Frozen Shoulder.  This is when have a loss of range of motion and experience pain when using your shoulder.  In more serious cases you can also have pain at rest.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment Perth

A stiff and painful shoulder can be due to several underlying reasons, each requiring different treatment pathways.  Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) – Characterised by an initially painful, and later progressively stiff shoulder joint – This condition follows three stages:

Frozen Shoulder Perth Diagnosis:

  1. Freezing – Increasing pain with use of the shoulder, range begins to reduce due to it being too painful to move
  2. Frozen – The shoulder becomes progressively stiff, resulting in reduced range and function, pain tends to reduce in this stage as stiffness becomes the main symptom
  3. Thawing – This phase we start to see resolution occurring with both pain and stiffness reducing. 

Each phase tends to last approximately 6 months, meaning 18 months overall.  Physio rehab should extend beyond this to ensure full rehabilitation and strengthening occurs to prevent ongoing disability and combat any secondary complications. 

Secondary effects, such as deconditioning, weakness, compensatory weakness or overactivity and movement or biomechanical changes, can all be minimised by ensuring regular physiotherapy throughout the rehab process. 

Movement, posture, training load, biomechanics and strength assessments are all super important and valuable to diagnosing the root cause and planning a thorough management plan to ensure both rehab and ongoing prevention.

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