Common Powerlifting Injuries

Injury Prevention in Powerlifting

Powerlifting is a very exclusive sport with the main objective being to lift as heavy as humanly possible.  A lot of people will spend countless dollars on coaches, supplements and programs to be the best, however there is very little emphasis on injury prevention.  In fact majority of power lifters/weightlifters who have come to see us at Trained Physio have a completely reactive approach to injuries.  Meaning they wait until they have a problem and then try to fix it.

Powerlifting Injuries

As Physiotherapist’s we see a lot of different injuries, which happen for a number of reasons – some being poor form and volume overload.  Powerlifting is a very physically demanding sport, which consists of high weight and lots of volume.  When you are loading specific body parts numerous times a week without proper structured de-load weeks, injuries are inevitable.

Trained Physio top 4 Powerlifting Injuries

  1. Shoulder Impingement from Bench Press
  2. Lower Back Disc Injury & Nerve Compression from Deadlifting
  3. Patellofemoral (knee) Pain from squatting
  4. Forearm/Elbow pain from a combination of the 3 lifts

Injury Management for Powerlifting

Seeing a Physiotherapist for manual therapy, dry needling, stretching and mobilization work will help decrease muscular tension and lengthen soft tissues that have tightened due to training.  This will assist with circulation and lead to faster recovery time and decrease your chances of injury.   One of the main obstacles you will face as an athlete is injury.  So why do so many people wait for an injury to happen and then take action? Why wouldn’t you focus and train just as hard towards injury prevention so you can perform at your optimal week in week out?  Powerlifting is a physically demanding sport that requires time and dedication.

Throughout the year we treat numerous powerlifters, with a focus on maintenance manual therapy, joint mobilization, stretching and dry needling.  This will increase during comp season.

Trained Physio Can Help

Are you a powerlifter/weightlifter who trains numerous times per week? Do you feel you have limited range of movement in your shoulder, back & hips? Our East Perth Trained Physio’s can provide a thorough assessment of your current and previous training, taking into account all lifestyle factors that may be adding to your injury or pain state. A full body assessment will identify any weakness, imbalances or loading issues which may be impacting your training.

East Perth Trained Physio

Physiotherapy has several goals including promote healing, reduce pain, avoiding aggravation, optimising physical function and global strengthening to restore normal movement patterns.  To see how I can help you  BOOK ONLINE TODAY