Physiotherapy for Neck Pain

At Trained Physio & Fitness we are experienced in neck pain management and treatment in Perth. Neck pain is extremely common and can be associated with upper back pain, shoulder pain and headaches.

Don’t live with neck pain.  Take action from Perth’s leading East Perth Physiotherapists.

Common Neck Injuries We Can Help With

Wry Neck – Acute wry neck is when the muscles that control an individual’s neck movement become suddenly contracted, causing severe neck pain, twisting and restricted movement down one side of the neck. Individuals will find an inability to turn their head without experiencing excruciating pain. With often no direct cause for the onset, the reasons for an individual developing acute wry neck are debatable. It can arise from simply sleeping in the wrong position, an uncomfortable pillow, or sudden fast movements of the neck. It is also suggested that the facet joints of the spinal vertebrae become ‘locked’ or ‘jammed’ causing muscle spasms and painful movements.

Postural Related Neck tightness – Our neck is extremely susceptible to our postures, particularly for those who spend a lot of time working at a desk on a computer. Commonly, those who suffer from this will begin to feel tight through the top of the shoulders, across the shoulder blades and into the neck. This can progress to the below conditions.

Cervical Disc Bulge – Disc injuries are very common and can happen due to unexpected movements or long-term postural stress. The discs have a number of important functions including keeping the vertebral column stable and giving the vertebrae pivot points to allow movement as well as shock absorption. Disc injuries can cause nerve root pain (pinching), which may spread to other parts of the body such as the lower back, glute, down one side of the leg or pain from the neck down to the arm.

Headaches – If you suffer from neck pain, chances are you also suffer from headaches, especially around the base of the skull. Environmental factors including stiffness or pain in the shoulders and neck muscles as a result of stress or poor posture can result in tension headaches.

To treat effectively, you need to be assessed by a Physiotherapist to ascertain which stage of injury or pain you are in and move forward to commence your rehab plan. After assessing you, our Physiotherapists will discuss the most appropriate treatment. A treatment plan may include injury prevention strategies, manual therapy and exercise programs.

Neck Pain Treatment Perth

Manual Therapy – You can expect some form of manual treatment within your initial consultation with your East Perth physio.  This will help reduce acute pain and increase function.

Taping – At Trained Physio & Fitness East Perth our Physios use the highest of quality taping methods and techniques which provide stability during an acute phase of your treatment plan.

Dry Needling – The Physiotherapists at Trained Physio & Fitness in East Perth are all experienced in dry needling and can offer this as an additional form of injury treatment, which can aid in muscle function and reduce pain.

Exercise Rehabilitation – At Trained Physio & Fitness in East Perth, we have a 300m2 purpose-built rehab facility dedicated to our patients’ Exercise Rehabilitation.  Strength training is a major component in our treatment plans, which will support recovery and prevent further injury.

Trained Physio & Fitness work off extended consult times so our clients never feel rushed while they are seeing our team. We offer 60 min Initial consults and 30 min for any follow up appointments you may require.

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