What is disc and spinal surgery rehabilitation?

Your spine serves a number of important purposes for you to be able to live a regular life, being able to move about freely with good mobility and to do simple tasks such as stand, sit, lift and exercise.

The spine is made up of 24 moveable bones (called vertebra) that support our weight, and help hold us upright without falling over, and is crucial for protecting your spinal cord and nerves. This means it’s incredibly important to look after your spine – especially after spinal surgery when it is potentially at its most vulnerable.

Disc and spinal surgery rehabilitation – as it sounds – involves post-surgery physiotherapy and exercises to help you recover from your surgery as quickly and safely as possible.

Spinal surgery rehab usually involves a well-structured exercise program to ensure that your back regains strength and mobility to get you back to your best possible physical shape with long-lasting results.

As part of your treatment plan Trained Physio and Fitness Perth offer a range of physio services to get you back to your best, including:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Individual exercise program
  • Access to our 24/7 gymnasium
  • Massage or Manual Therapy
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Dry Needling

Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our clients to ensure long-lasting results and injury prevention, keeping you injury-free and maximising quality of life.

Why is physiotherapy recommended after disc or spine surgery?

Physiotherapy is an essential part of your post-surgery recovery because it will help your body to start regaining strength, mobility and flexibility to allow you to get back to your every day activities.

Physiotherapy after back surgery involves:

Pain control and management

Managing pain and discomfort after your surgery is the first crucial step towards your rehabilitation. Without managing pain, it’s very difficult to complete a successful rehabilitation program.

One-on-one training

It’s important that each patient has a recovery program developed specifically for them. Every patient is different, and will have a different recovery process which is why we develop personalised rehabilitation programs depending on each patient’s situation, especially when it comes to their physical condition.
One-on-one training will focus on developing and regaining muscle control in your back, to help facilitate rehabilitation and recovery from your surgery, and promote long-term back health.

When should I start rehabilitation after spine surgery?

Your rehabilitation plan should start immediately after surgery, to give you the best chance at making a full recovery.

Many patients have the misconception that rehabilitation only refers to post-surgery physical exercise – but rehab starts much sooner. The beginning of your rehabilitation is learning basic movements such as how to get in and out of bed correctly, how to sit, stand and get in and out of the car.

Once you’ve regained basic movement and mobility, the next step is to start some basic mobility and strength exercises with your physiotherapist to start regaining and improving your range of movement and stability which will allow you to begin resuming daily tasks.

How long does rehabilitation after back surgery take?

Recovery and rehabilitation time depends on a number of factors, and varies between each individual patient.

Factors that influence recovery time include:

  • Specific type of surgery
  • Age of patient
  • Activity level of patient
  • Physical condition of patient

What type of rehabilitation do Trained Physio & Fitness undertake with clients?

Our experienced physiotherapists will create an individual rehabilitation program for you. We’ll aim to get you back into great shape. Our rehabilitation plan may include training advice, movement analysis, manual therapy and other physiotherapy services.

Trained Physio & Fitness work off extended consult times so our clients never feel rushed while they are seeing our team. We offer 60 min Initial consults and 30 min for any follow up appointments you may require.

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