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Back pain can be quiet unbearable and cause a damaging effect on your lifestyle and wellbeing.  Statistics now show approximately 16% of Australia’s population have back problems, with an estimate of 70-90% of the population will suffer from back pain to some degree at various stages of their life.

Back pain can often affect your capability to execute even the simplest of tasks. There are numerous factors that may contribute to your back pain.  All of our East Perth Physio’s have spent 1 on 1 time with one of the leading lower back pain Physiotherapists in the world – Dr Andrew Lock who has completed a PhD in lower back pain.

Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our clients to ensure long-term results and injury prevention, keeping you injury-free and maximising quality of life.

Risk Factors for Back Pain

  • Age: Back pain becomes more common with age, especially if not properly addressed early during initial onset.
  • Weight: Higher body weight can put increased stress on the lower back.
  • Exercise: Back pain is more common among those who are not physically fit. Maintaining good strength and range of motion is important to protect the back from injury. Aerobic exercise is also important for maintaining healthy discs.
  • Occupational Hazards: Those with heavy physical jobs involving repetitive bending, lifting and twisting may have an increased risk of back injury especially if they do so with poor biomechanics. Back pain is also common in people who among office workers and those who are required to sit for prolonged periods, especially if they have poor postures or take inadequate rest breaks.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women are at risk of lower back pain due to the increased weight of carrying the baby as well as hormonal changes leading to loosening of ligaments around the pelvic region.
  • Smoking: Smoking and its consequential health problems are associated with higher risk of degeneration of discs and joints leading to back pain.

Common Back Injuries

Herniated/Bulging Discs: The intervertebral discs are a rubbery cushion between each of the moveable bones in the spine, they are designed to absorb most of our day-to-day movements and stress loads. With age or injury, the softer central portion may rupture and spill out of the disc leading to a herniated/bulging disc. Disc injury may cause inflammation, numbness and radiating pain similar to that of sciatic pain. A common location for disc injury to occur is between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae as this area absorbs most of the impact of weight bearing from the upper body, and can be predisposed to injury from poor posture or incorrect form when weight lifting.

Sciatic Pain: The Sciatic nerve is the longest and largest nerve in the human body, and it runs from your lower back, down your posterior thigh and calf into your foot. If the sciatic nerve becomes irritated or compressed it can cause pain in the lower back that may radiate down your leg. Other symptoms can also include muscle twitches, numbness, pins and needles or weakness.

Lower Back Muscle Strain: A muscle strain can occur when the fibres in a muscle begin to tear from being overstretched or overused. Many lower back strains occur during everyday activities whilst at work or during exercise due to poor movement patterns. At Trained Physio & Fitness located in East Perth we have a 300m2 purpose-built rehab facility dedicated to our patients’ Exercise Rehabilitation. Our qualified Physios understand human movement and can take you through proper lifting techniques, such as squats and deadlifts, suitable to your individual biomechanical requirements.

Postural Pain: Sub-optimal postures can put excessive stress on the entire body not just the back.  Sustained sub-optimal postures can contribute to back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and hip pain.  Appropriate posture differs between people, this is why it is important to seek advice from a qualified professional and have your posture assessed by East Perth’s Physios at Trained Physio & Fitness.

Back Pain Treatment Perth

Manual Therapy – You can expect some form of manual treatment within your initial consultation with your East Perth physio.  This will help reduce acute pain and increase function.

Exercise Rehabilitation – At Trained Physio & Fitness in East Perth, we have a 300m2 purpose-built rehab facility dedicated to our patient’s Exercise Rehabilitation.  Strength training is a major component in our treatment plans, which will support recovery and prevent further injury.

Pre & Post Surgery Rehabilitation – Pre surgery rehabilitation (pre-hab) is just as important and post surgery rehabilitation.  Improving strength and function pre-surgery helps to ensure better outcomes with recover. Our Physiotherapists can tailor an appropriate program to your individual needs to ensure you get the best results out of your surgery.

Dry Needling – The Physiotherapists at Trained Physio & Fitness in East Perth are all experienced in dry needling and can offer this as an additional form of injury treatment, which can aid in muscle function and reduce pain.

Trained Physio & Fitness work off extended consult times so our clients never feel rushed while they are seeing our team. We offer 60 min Initial consults and 30 min for any follow up appointments you may require.

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