Outer Hip Pain When Running

Outer hip pain when running is a condition we often see at Trained Physio Perth.  So you just started up running, finally feeling fit enough to increase the load and now you have unpleasant symptoms around your hip?  This is a common symptom of outer hip pain and is more frequent than you know amongst runners, and it can indeed affect your training, work and quality of life.  One of the most common causes of outer hip pain in Perth runners is GTPS (Greater trochanteric pain syndrome), previously known as Trochanteric bursitis.

Outer Hip Pain Symptoms:

  • Pain on outer side of your thigh
  • Pain gets worse with running or high impact activity
  • Pain with prolonged sitting or getting up
  • Pain with climbing stairs
  • Pain when lying on affected area or sitting cross legged
  • Symptoms can radiate to outer thigh, buttock or even to the outer knee

Outer hip pain tendinopathy is associated with overuse in and around the tendon.  It occurs when the tendon is being loaded over it’s limit with not enough time to recover – failed healing response.  Majority of tears are degenerative rather than traumatic (acute).  Imaging is often not necessary and your highly experienced Perth Physio is able to diagnose your condition based on a thorough assessment with conservative management being  often very successful.

How long can I expect the injury to recover?

Most Perth running injuries are multi – factorial which means not everyone is the same when it comes to healing time. On average we usually expect runners to get better within 6-12 weeks when following a treatment management plan provide by our Trained Physio’s

How Trained Physio can help?

  • We provide thorough assessment (running analysis on a treadmill included)
  • We are seeking for the cause of your injury, not just symptom modification
  • Manual therapy, dry needling, post isometric relaxation technique (PIR), joint mobilizations if needed
  • Progressive exercise rehab in our fully equipped rehab gym
  • Load management and training modification, with the aim of keeping you as active as possible rather than ceasing activities
  • Graded return to running planning

East Perth Trained Physio

East Perth Physio has several goals including promote healing, reduce pain, avoiding aggravation, optimising physical function and global strengthening to restore normal movement patterns.  To see how we can help you  BOOK ONLINE TODAY