Medicare Chronic Disease Management Care Plans

What is Chronic Disease Management or Enhanced Primary Care?

Chronic Disease Management (CDM) or Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) is a referral only program from your GP which can provide up to 5 Medicare Physiotherapy sessions. The program is available to those with a musculoskeletal injury who also have a chronic or co-existing health condition.

Am I eligible for a Medicare Plan?

If you suffer from a chronic health condition, which has been defined as one that has been present for 6 months or more.  It includes but is not limited to:

–       Chronic back pain

–       Sciatica

–       Asthma

–       Cancer

–       Cardiovascular illness

–       Diabetes

–       Stroke

–       Musculoskeletal conditions

What do I need before my Physio consultation?

  1. Approved Medicare Referral Care Plan
  2. Referral for Physiotherapy from your GP
  3. Medicare card
  4. Bank card to pay for the small gap fee
  5. Any other medical documentation associated with your injury including reports, scans, MRI results etc.

 How Physio can help?

Our Physiotherapists and admin staff are familiar with the procedures of Medicare and EPC/CDM plans.  Our experienced Physio’s are Trained to accurately asses Medicare referrals and provide individualised Treatment Management Plans for every patient, backed by evidence-based practices.  We understand it can be extremely difficult for anyone who is experiencing a chronic condition, is in pain or has functional limitations.  At Trained Physio we have an onsite rehabilitation facility dedicated to any patients requiring exercise-based programs as part of their rehabilitation process.

East Perth Trained Physio

Physiotherapy has several goals including promote healing; reduce pain, avoiding aggravation, optimising physical function and global strengthening to restore normal movement patterns.  To see how we can help you BOOK ONLINE TODAY