Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates by Qualified Physiotherapists in East Perth that will improve the way you move and help reduce your pain. We will help you to improve chronic conditions, overall fitness and prevent future injury.

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Clinical Pilates In Perth

At Trained Physio & Fitness we provide you with tailored Clinical Pilates treatment program designed to increase your strength, endurance and flexibility.

With our qualified Physios experts we will help you to improve your coordination, core stability, posture balance, control, strength, breathing and more with our Clinical Pilates treatments.

The goal of Clinical Pilates is to provide a treatment plan that will improve your chronic conditions and fitness and help you to prevent future injury. It can also assist with coordination, breathing and balance.

At Trained Physio & Fitness all sessions are overseen by an experienced and qualified physiotherapist. We offer both individual sessions and small group training sessions.

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Why Choose Us

Qualified Experts

Our team is highly qualified and experienced to provide you the very best in physiotherapy and we are experts in muscoloskeletal issues.

Fully Equipped Gym

We offer a full range of brand new top quality fitness equipment available 24 hours a day for workouts, rehabilitation and training.

Private Treatment Rooms

All massage and dry needling treatments take place in our modern, comfortable and private treatment rooms in our brand new fitness centre.

Close To CBD

We are located in East Perth, just five minutes drive from the CBD. With onsite parking and easy public transport you’ll find our location very convenient.

No Referral Needed

You do not need a referral from a GP to visit a physiotherapist.  We can diagnose and treat musculoskeletal issues and injuries without referral from your doctor.

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to helping our patients. We treat your issues at the source and we provide strategies for preventing future injuries too.

Musculoskeletal Experts

We can treat you immediately for many conditions and our Physios are experts in musculoskeletal health.

Private Amenities

For your convenience and comfort, our clients have access to male and female toilets and shower facilities.


Individual & Group Pilates Sessions

All  our Clinical Pilates sessions are overseen by a trained Physiotherapist. We offered tailored treatment plans for both individuals and as part of small group sessions too.

Our Physiotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment of you needs before commencing a Clinical Pilates program. Our Clinical Pilates treatment plans and exercises are chosen, adjusted and modified for you, as an individual, and based on physiotherapy principles.

Clinical Pilates can help with:

  • Core stability
  • Posture
  • Balance
  • Control
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Breathing

Trained Physio & Fitness is the only Physiotherapy clinic in Perth with its own fully functional 24/7 gym for patient rehabilitation and new members. With a capped membership of 120 people you’ll never feel crowded again.

How Does Clinical Pilates Work

Pilates is overseen a trained instructor, and may be offered in a group fitness class at a gym or studio as well as in individual classes.

Clinical Pilates is overseen by a trained Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist. Clinical Pilates essentially takes a more personalized approach to treatment and the program will adapt to your current physical status.

What can Clinical Pilates help you with:

  • Pain relief
  • Neck Pain and Low Back Pain reduction
  • Promotion of healing
  • Posture Correction
  • Injury prevention and flexibility
  • Strengthening of your pelvic floor
  • Increased strength and functionality of the muscle

We aim to build a lasting relationship with our patients so we can help you feel better and be more mobile, in the long term.

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