Bursitis Treatment Perth

Bursitis Treatment Perth

Bursitis is the inflammation of a bursa, a small fluid filled sac that sits between your muscles, tendons and bones to reduce friction and absorb shock forces on joints. Common areas effected with Bursitis and treated in our East Perth Physio clinic on a weekly basis are shoulder, hip, elbow and knee. 

When your bursa gets inflamed, it swells and increases in size. This creates friction forces which irritate surrounding structures – especially muscle tendons.  This creates a circuit of continued irritation of both the tendon and bursa, leading to tendinitis and bursitis. 

Causes of Bursitis

  • Overuse of the joint, especially repetitive activities or pushing and pulling heavy objects 
  • Repetitive strain 
  • Trauma to the joint
  • Pressure of the joint, such as leaning on your elbow for long periods of time 
  • Bacterial infection 
  • Inflammatory disease 

Common Sites of Bursitis Pain

  • Shoulder Bursitis (Subacromial)
  • Elbow Bursitis (Olecranon)
  • Knee Bursitis (Perpatellar)
  • Hip bursitis (Troachnteric)
  • Achillies bursitis 
  • Hell Bursitis 

Bursitis Treatment East Perth

In most cases, bursitis is due to movement and loading issues (weight training, painting, plastering, ceiling fixers) are common trades and activities which can cause Bursitis.  Physio is very important for diagnosing, treating and preventing bursitis!

Reduce Bursitis Inflammation

  • Our East Perth Physio’s will help you with advice to reduce the inflammation and importantly give you activity modifications so that you are still able to train, work and live your life without causing further bursa inflammation.  It is important to get the advice of your physio early as immobilising the affected joint may risk developing adhesive capsulitis (frozen joint).  It is important to minimise damage and maintain muscular strength around the involved joint. 

Biomechanics Correction

  • In many cases the bursa may have become inflamed due to repetitive poor movement patterns and loading (which is a common issue we treat in our East Perth clinic on a weekly basis).  We can also provide hands on treatment to assist in offloading the bursa, as well as mobility exercises to improve range of motion.

Muscle Strengthening

  • It is important to address muscle imbalances, dominances or weaknesses that are causing the joint and therefore bursa to be overloaded.  This becomes especially important as bursitis can often occur alongside, or lead to, tendonitis.  Physiotherapy has several goals including  optimising physical function and global strengthening to restore normal movement patterns.  This can be addressed in our onsite East Perth Exercise Rehab Facility.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Bursitis Perth

With physiotherapy treatment, you can experience relief within a few days of commencing rehab, however depending on the cause, severity and what level of function you want or need to return to it may take a few weeks or even 2-3 months, therefore early Physio intervention and assessment is crucial to not prolonging your recovery.

Our East Perth Trained Physio’s can provide a thorough assessment of your current and previous training, taking into account all lifestyle factors that may be adding to your injury or pain state. A full body and movement assessment will identify any weakness, imbalances or loading issues and can provide you with movement retraining and strength and conditioning programming and load management advice to keep you training and prevent or resolve any current injuries!  BOOK ONLINE TODAY!

Written by: Olivia Strelein

BSc. Physiotherapy (Honours)
BSc. Exercise and Sport Science
Personal Trainer