Booty Band Training – How to Build Bigger Glutes!

Booty Band’s – What is all the hype about?……

In the last few years we have seen a massive growth in the popularity of resistant band training “booty band’s” due to social media influences.  While this is fantastic to see, it is also just as distressing to watch bands being used incorrectly.

Physiotherapists have been using bands for sometime now aimed at rehabilitation or correcting muscle asymmetries, poor movement patterns and improving activation of a specific muscle group. They can also be utilised to improve lower-body strength, function and flexibility.

Unless you have been living under a rock or your not very social on the socials (pardon the pun) you would of seen the crazy buzz on Instagram & Facebook about “Booty Bands” so what is all the hype about?

Will I Grow my Glutes using Booty Bands?

If your goal is to build muscle ie: Increase the size of your buttocks and you are using bands as your primary tool then the answer is No! Sorry to burst your Peachy Bubble! The reason being is that they will not create enough of a stimulus or load to force the muscle to adapt and build size. However, resistant bands can be used for Glute Activation.  Pre-activation on leg day is vital, going through 3 or 4 exercises such as glute kickbacks or deviations of abduction movements are very beneficial. At Trained Physio & Fitness you will find us using Sweat Prep resistant bands with our clients.  Unlike your standard bands Sweat Prep contain 3 different bands set at different resistances.

How Do I Grow my Glutes?

Variation in training, Frequency of training, Progressive Overload, Lifting within your capabilities, Compound lifts (Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges) and last but definitely not least Proper Technique and making sure you are working the vital muscles. This is where band training can assist you in building your very best backside!

What you are doing just isn’t working!

Do you train legs week in and week out with no results? Do you suffer from lower back & knee pain when you squat, deadlift or lunge? Want to learn how to properly activate your glutes using resistant bands? Perhaps I can help YOU to build a better foundation in the gym so you feel more confident out of the gym!!

How I can assist you!

With our very own gym facility available you will receive comprehensive in-depth information from a qualified Physiotherapist who will teach you how to breakdown your leg training and properly activate, build and grow the correct muscles INJURY FREE!!! Book and appointment TODAY and claim your private health rebate on the spot! Trained Physio & Fitness now has online booking available for your convenience and we are open 6 days a week!  We are located at 108 Brown Street East Perth with unbeatable gym membership deals and special VIP prices for our Physio clients.

At Trained Physio & Fitness we stock Sweat Prep quality Resistant bands.  You can purchase your own from our reception for only $34.95


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