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Expert Physiotherapists located 11 minutes from Belmont in East Perth here to assist with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of your chronic and acute injuries. We pride ourselves on our ability to rehabilitate and prevent injury at our state of the art clinic with fully functional 24/7 gym.

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Qualified Physios 11 minutes from Belmont

Our team at Trained Physio and Fitness make it their priority to help you to feel better and avoid any more damage in the future. We will conduct an accurate diagnosis and help you to minimize pain and movement restrictions.

We take into account how daily work, career and lifestyle can play a part in repeated musculoskeletal damage. This helps us to address or avoid chronic injury and further pain to your body.

At Trained Physio & Fitness we are proud of our ability to build quality relationships where our clients trust us. This is the foundation of our care plan for you and it is our starting point to treating your injuries at the source and avoiding further damage in the future.

With our extended consultations you will be able to progress through your rehabilitation at your own speed, benefiting from our holistic approach and feeling better on your terms. We work with you to address existing injuries and pain, while assisting you to avoid further damage in the future.

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Why Choose Us

Qualified Experts

Our team is highly qualified and experienced to provide you the very best in physiotherapy and we are experts in muscoloskeletal issues.

Fully Equipped Gym

We offer a full range of brand new top quality fitness equipment available 24 hours a day for workouts, rehabilitation and training.

Private Treatment Rooms

All massage and dry needling treatments take place in our modern, comfortable and private treatment rooms in our brand new fitness centre.

Close To Belmont

We are located in East Perth, just 11 minutes drive from Belmont. With onsite parking and easy public transport you’ll find our location very convenient.

No Referral Needed

You do not need a referral from a GP to visit a physiotherapist.  We can diagnose and treat musculoskeletal issues and injuries without referral from your doctor.

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to helping our patients. We treat your issues at the source and we provide strategies for preventing future injuries too.

Musculoskeletal Experts

We can treat you immediately for many conditions and our Physios are experts in musculoskeletal health.

Private Amenities

For your convenience and comfort, our clients have access to male and female toilets and shower facilities.

Our Physiotherapists Are Here To Help

If you need assistance with easing pain or addressing mobility issues our experienced team of physiotherapists are here to help. We provide expert advice, techniques and strategies during our one to one consultation sessions that will help you to avoid further injury to your body.

  • Management of arthritis
  • Stiffness, muscle spasm and neck pain
  • Sprains, tendonitis and ankle injuries
  • ACL and knee injuries as well as Patellofemoral pain
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Ongoing lower back pain
  • Injury and post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Pre and post-operative treatments and general shoulder pain

Post assessment, our expert physios will work with you to plan the best treatment plan for you. This may include an exercise program, manual therapies, injury avoidance techniques and nutritional advice. If you’re in need of a Belmont Physio – book an appointment with Trained Physio & Fitness today.

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Trained Physio & Fitness experts operate around extended consultation times. Our clients never feel rushed when seeing their physio and enjoy our 60 and 30 minute session options.

We Work With Everyone

Physios are not just for elite athletes. We treat a diverse variety of clients from a wide range of employment settings, business or company types and sports and we are only 11 minutes away from Belmont.

  • Rehabilitation for patients recovering from accidents or injuries
  • Support for people seeking health and well-being advice
  • Treatment for sufferers of chronic or ongoing migraines and headaches
  • Relief of joint pain and stiffness from Arthritis
  • Strategies for increasing mobility, flexibility and general fitness
  • Rehabilitation of developed or aggravated injuries for professionals through daily work
  • Help for neck & back problems from office work desk jobs
  • Plans for addressing aching and stiffness from exercise or sports

Our clients feel supported to achieve greater health and more mobility in the short and long term as a result of the quality relationships we form with you.

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