Ankle Sprain Treatment

With winter sports already getting started, Ankle Sprain’s are one of the most common sporting injuries that we at Trained Physio in East Perth are presented with.  The type of injury can vary from foot position when running, jumping or landing, landing on someone’s foot or quick changes in direction.

Recovering from an Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains if left untreated or not rehabilitated correctly can often have lasting symptoms which can leave you suffer chronic symptoms and reduced function.  Similar to a knee injury (ACLs for example), with ankle sprains having the potential to create a “footprint” for early osteoarthritis which can have a big impact on your quality of life over time.

Ankle Sprains Recovery Time

Grade 1

Minimal Stretching no Tearing – Mild pain, swelling, and tenderness, usually no bruising, no joint instability, no difficulty bearing weight – 1 to 3 weeks recovery time.

Grade 2

Partial Tear – Moderate pain, swelling, and tenderness, possible bruising, mild to moderate joint instability, some loss of range of motion and function, pain with weight bearing and walking – 3 to 6 weeks recovery time.

Grade 3

Full Tear or Rupture – Severe pain, swelling, tenderness, and bruising, considerable instability and loss of function and range of motion, unable to bear weight or walk – Several Months recovery time.

Return to Sport following Ankle Sprain

The severity of the ankle sprain plays a significant role in directing when you can return to the sport and activity you love.  The past matters!!! So any history of ankle sprains or ankle injuries and the physical nature of your sport can all impact the time needed for rehabilitation.

Key Requirements for Returning to Sport:

  1. Range of Motion
  2. Strength
  3. Balance and Proprioception

At Trained Physio East Perth we recommend that you have a full functional screening by one of our qualified Physiotherapists before you return to sport. In these tests your Physiotherapist will test all the various aspects of your activity and ensure that your ankle is able to cope with the demands of movements adequately to ensure that that risk of re-injury is minimized.

Trained Physio Can Help

Our East Perth Trained Physio’s can provide a thorough assessment of your current and previous training, taking into account all lifestyle factors that may be adding to your injury or pain state. A full body and movement assessment will identify any weakness, imbalances or loading issues and can provide you with movement retraining and strength and conditioning programming and load management advice to keep you training and prevent or resolve any current pain or injuries.

East Perth Trained Physio

Did you know at Trained Physio we have a fully equipped rehabilitation facility?  Check out the details here.  Physiotherapy has several goals including promote healing, reduce pain, avoiding aggravation, optimising physical function and global strengthening to restore normal movement patterns.  To see how I can help you  BOOK ONLINE TODAY

Written by: Matthew Finberg

BSc. Physiotherapy
Masters in Sports Physiotherapy (currently)
Masters in Exercise Rehabilitation Science