Mum’s……You are Important Too!

As a busy working mum with a million and 1 things to do on my never ending To Do List, and not enough time in a day, days in a week or weeks in a year, putting time aside for myself is very hard.  Actually scratch that…’s almost impossible!!  Before becoming a Mum and business owner my life was very structured and super organised.  Fast forward 2 years and my life is in constant “catch up mode” can any other mum’s relate?  Catching up with work, catching up on emails and messages, catching up on house hold duties, catching up on the bookkeeping for 2 businesses, catching up with family and friends, making sure there is dinner on the table but if not, there is a quick call to mum and thats where you will find us! #MyMumIsMyHero

Constant Drive

How do you stay Motivated? How do you keep fit? How do you get up early in the morning to train if your toddler kept you up most of the night? These are questions I get asked quiet often. I’m not going to sugar coat it for you, its hard work!  Do I ever want to press snooze on my alarm when it goes off on the mornings my husband is home and I can take that opportunity to go train.  OMG YES!! Sometimes I do because well, I’m human!  I love sleep as much as the next severely sleep deprived parent.  Some mornings I find it quiet easy to get up early.  Novak has slept relatively well, I haven’t trained in a few days and i’m literally itching to break a sweat.  But some mornings it is hard……real hard.  I literally have to give myself a little pep talk and roll my sorry backside out of bed “Linda just remember how you feel after you train” The endorphins get me up, it’s my constant drive!

“I’m training for strength maintenance, for my physical health, for my mental health and for endorphins.  I don’t always feel like training but I always feel amazing after I do”

You are Important Too

As mothers we automatically put ourself last.  Not intentionally, it’s just that you have little humans who depend on you every second of every day.  #TeamNoDaysOff for real though! But you are important too!  Your general health & wellbeing is so important now more then ever before, this is not the time to neglect yourself.  As a Mother with a very active toddler I pride myself on being physically active which allows me to keep up with him, to me there is no other choice.  Some people may judge me for dedicating time to myself or think its selfish, however if I don’t take care of myself how am I going to take care of my family?  I know there are woman out there who feel stuck, isolated, want to get fit and healthy but don’t know how or where to start, even feel self conscious and anxious about walking into a gym.  After talking with our Personal Trainer Dom who has a daughter of his own and PT’s numerous mum’s, we wanted to create something dedicated to mum’s.  Somewhere mum’s could come which is exclusive, provides support and builds strong woman!  So we dedicate 3 classes per week specifically for mum’s and now we have a fantastic bunch of ladies who come to our gym and train with purpose.  To be Strong! To be Healthy! and most importantly to be HAPPY!

Treat Your Self

At Trained Physio & Fitness we encourage all mum’s to treat your self which is why we are offering a FREE TRIAL for all mums to come and check out our group classes! You already train? Hi five! your amazing and we have just what you need.  For a limited time we are discounting our 60min massages, and if you have Private Health Cover you can claim on the spot and just pay the gap!  Because Mum’s YOU are important too!!

Its super easy to BOOK AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE or contact us for more information about our Mum’s classes via [email protected] or 9325 7602 we want to help you become more confident, strong and happier not only for you but your entire family! After all where would we be without our mum’s?